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We’re blessed with what many people want – to be paid for the things they love to do and are the best at. Computers and Technology rule our home lives and work days. With a decades in IT, we decided that we should share our experience, talents and skills to support the small business. We’re here to be geeky so you don’t have to, reel you in when you go overboard, and push you when you need the nudge! Click here for our Services.


Our skills include almost everything under the world of computers, from our creative passion for Website Development and Search Engine Marketing to the highly technical world of Networking and Telecommunications. We’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets to installing $20 shareware applications. Our penchant for the affordable is what our clients love us for. We would rather guide you to Fords than Rolls Royces. However, we’ll advise you against Yugos should you really need a Corvette. Our best characteristic is that we talk English and not Geek.

Our Portfolio.

Here are some featured projects. Please click on an image for a larger view.

Village of Vicksburg, MI – Government

Vicksburg had a very basic uneditable page. When Googled, it didn’t even show up on the first page.  A new site was created that made use of a simple user editable posts and pages with a fresh new look. They now self edit the site and adds pictures, council audio recordings and more.

Dancing Dogs Quilts – Retailer

Dancing Dogs Quilts was a well know retailer of Quilting supply. It has hundreds of customers that come from all corners of Michigan and has an active Facebook page. When the owners retired and passed on the torch. The big box website hosting company blackmailed them into paying more. We stepped in and quickly popped […]

Askler Fitch and Associates – Training Consulting

The client had an outdated site that was difficult to update, used a static training calendar and it was not easy to search for available classes.  We incorporated an event management for class enrollment, training calendar and a searchable class offering.  It seamlessly and immediately updates the website, including the closing of classes as they […]

ESCO Midwest – Manufacturing and Warehousing

ESCO Midwest works hard to match its clients with quality used equipment. It had an older webpage that used a third party Image Portfolio software that was difficult to use and tedious to update.  A new site was created that made use of a simple built in Portfolio management with a fresh new look.  

Kalamazoo Junior Golf Association

Kalamazoo Junior Golf Association (JGA) was looking for an easier way to manage their content rich website and their Junior Golf Program registration.  CLDO developed a self managed site for JGA staff  and introduced Online Registration Forms, Online Payment and Registration Management.

Bob Brooks Computer Sales

Bob Brooks Computer Sales, Inc.  had a static HTML website that was difficult to manage.  We developed a website that provided an easier interface for content updates.  In addition, we updated the website with current features.

Legitgraffitico – Advertising / Portfolio Showcase

A new website for a new business.  Legitgraffitico was looking for a simple, manageable and affordable website to showcase their portfolio in addition to establishing a web presence.  We selected a portfolio template that best showcases the company’s wide range of services.

Kalamazoo Municipal Golf Association

Kalamazoo Municipal Golf Association (KMGA) had a change in management of their golf courses and had to rebuild their website in a short amount of time.  The old website was not accessible to us but we were able to recreate, enhance and simplify their content.  In addition, new features were added (online calendar, online tournament […]

Our Services.

Web development
We stand on the shoulder of giants.  Our philosophy is to bring you inexpensive, fast and beautiful web design.  Your sites are unique as you are unique.  Each site will have basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Visitor Tracking and for the most part are user editable.  We want to partner with you in the design and content of the site.

IT Consulting
We’re geeky so you don’t have to be.  With our average of 15 years in IT, we know what’s current, appropriate, and what’s cost effective technology.  Our approach is to point you to cost effective solutions.  You make the purchase and we’ll help with the integration.

Flash Banners
Image Rotators and Banners are a staple of modern web pages.  We work with our partners to create fast, well formed and size appropriate Javascript and Flash Animation.

For the more bleeding edge clients, we also work with Content Mangement Systems.  These CMS offer HUNDREDS of modules capable of online stores, web forms, client management databases, secure logins, calendars and event management, and so on.   They’re the back end of the larger, spiffier websites and we’re experts in them.

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What Our Clients Say.

CLDO was extremely attentive to my website needs. They provided ideas and suggestions that really helped me develop a well rounded website that fit my business. The customer service and follow-up were exceptional and always very prompt! I can highly recommend CLDO for all of your website projects! ~ IC

You guys made it so easy and I can’t believe we were so intimidated by a website before. I will definitely recommend you to others and feel free to use us as a reference if you need. ~ TW

The CLDO team built and maintains our webpage and they have done an awesome job all the way through the proces ~ GB

Chris is an amazing guy! First — highly personable. Second — highly knowledgeable. Third (! yes, there are 3) He’s fast, fast, fast. Got me through my wordpress emergency with grace. Loved working with him. ~ NC

Chris understands all of the nuances of gravity forms (forms for wordpress sites). Great to know how to use this tool to gain valuable insight into your customers and to build a contact / mailing list. Do a helpout with Chris if you want more info on gravity forms and / or wordpress. ~FB

Chris is an EXPERT WP guy. He explained a lot about the platform and helped me to improve the security of my blog too. We are planning to do more work on this site in the future. I can recommend Chris for anyone who needs his services. Thanks a lot Chris. ~ RG

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